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ITX is built on the dual principles of safety and extraordinary service and throughout our history, we have stayed true to our roots by operating one of the safest fleets in North America and consistently going above and beyond for our customers

Regardless if it is just one load or several, each shipment is valued and delivered safely to its destination. When you ship, we want to be your carrier of choice. We not only have the fleet and technology to get your load securely to its destination, we have the customer service and support you deserve and should expect from a transportation company.


Among the top reasons that for ITX's reputation as a safe carrier is our strict adherence to safety and compliance. 

We work with our owner-operators to ensure their equipment is in top shape and they receive the training and support needed to remain safe. ITX owner-operators are given the ultimate protection by allowing them to make the final judgement on the safety of their work. In a sense, our owner-operators are an integral part of our safety team.

Our safety initiates reward owner-operators for driving safely. Monthly recognition and awards are just some of the ways we provide incentives to our owner-operators. 

  • Exceptional equipment conditions
  • Accountability from our owner-operators
  • 0% freight damage claims
  • Striving to set the standard for safe operating procedures


  • Quick Response and Competitive Pricing

    Our professional staff is available to provide rapid solutions to any issues that arise no matter the day or time. We understand that our customers rely on us for frequent communications and we know how to act quickly so that others can perform at their best – even under pressure. Our superior knowledge of the flat-bed market will help you stay current and up to date on market trends, providing invaluable information and helping to insulate your company from rate volatility.

  • We Understand Your Big Picture

    We want to grow alongside your business and be an integral part of the value you offer your own customers. Our tailored approach to your logistics requirements ensure a high quality service, which includes on-site visits to experience the manufacturing process and understanding the products you build. We're all about the bigger picture and taking a hands on approach.

  • Our Entrepreneurial Approach

    We embrace innovation, particularly when it comes to logistics solutions. We’re willing to take on ambitious challenges and assume responsibility for finding solutions. We know how to think creatively as entrepreneurs and we draw from our professionally diverse team to create our solutions.