Specialty Freight

Over-Dimensional Freight

Specialty loads that are over-dimensional (exceeding the width limit of 8' 6" and the high limit of 13' 6") need the driving services of a professional backed by an expert to determine the various requirements and regulations of different provinces and states. Your carrier must understand the legal limits of load dimensions, the permit requirements, when and were escorts are needed, and what type of equipment is best suited to the job. 

ITX Logistics has a deep understanding of specialty load requirements and we've helped hundreds of customer move over-dimensional loads with ease. 


Our Benefits

If you need to transport an over-dimensional load, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You’ll benefit from ITX Logistic’s proven expertise, specially trained drivers and advanced logistics services. All permits, routing and escorts are planned and provided in-house by our knowledgeable team, and we ensure all oversized loads are always moved with expert care and efficiency.

  • In-house permitting department
  • Dedicated escort vehicle support
  • Annual permits in various jurisdictions including Ontario
  • Equipment variety to meet all dimensional requirements
  • Dedicated response team to monitor all over-dimensional movements
  • Competitive rates

Customers are welcome to inquire about regulatory inquiries, routes, quotations, or with any other questions or concerns. We will walk you through your initial steps and what you will require to get your freight on a truck and get it safely to your destination.